Quality Dentists in Florence KY

The profession of dentistry has a long history. It is perhaps one of the oldest professions known to man. Researchers have been able to trace it back to the ancient Egypt around 7500 B.C. The Egyptians were the first culture to have the replacement. Thankfully advances in dentistry have brought a long way from the false teeth of ancient Egypt!
There are a number of good reasons to take care of your teeth. Here are just a few.

1. It’s affordable.
These days, dental care is more affordable than ever before. Dentistry in Kentucky (and frankly everywhere) is possible due to easily obtainable discount dental plans for both family and individuals. Many dentists even offer no-cost payment plans for more expensive procedures to spread the cost out for you.

2. It will improve your self-esteem.
Having stained, missing or diseased teeth can make a person extremely self-conscience. A recent survey showed that 94% of the people polled said they were likely to notice a person’s smile the first time they meet.

3. It will prevent tooth loss.
Prevention of tooth loss starts at home with routine brushing. Regular dentist visits, which include routine cleaning, exams, and other treatments provide you with a preventive maintenance program that will help you keep your teeth forever. Remember you only get one set and you want them to last.

4. It will stop gum bleeding.
If you are experiencing gum bleeding a trip to the dentist can certainly help. Though a proper brushing and flossing routine will likely help this condition, this is not something to ignore. A visit to your dentist will rule out gum disease or a more serious medical condition.

5. It will prevent periodontal disease.
Periodontal disease causes infection to occur in the gum tissue of your mouth. This leads to tooth loss; bad breath; and red, swollen, tender and bleeding gums.

6. It will help maintain a bright smile.
Your dentist will help to remove any plaque buildup you have that your brushing routine is not adequately addressing. Uncontrolled plaque buildup will lead to greater issues with our gums.

7. Correct years of wear and tear.
You only get one set of teeth so you should treat them with care. As you age you become more susceptible to certain things such as plaque buildup, gum disease, tooth decay and decay of the tooth root. If you have had fillings they age as well and can fall out. It’s important to have frequent checkups so all of these can be examined.

8. Your teeth may feel fine. Do I still have to go?
Simply put, yes! In order to keep your smile looking its best regular cleaning by a professionally trained dentist is a must. Beyond your smile, there may be “hidden” problems you do not even realize you have. Tiny cavities can form in the hard -to-reach places in your mouth which can only be seen by your dentist. These cavities if left unchecked will turn into larger more problematic ones without proper advanced care.

One important reason for trips to the dentists is the impact your oral health has on your overall well-being. Recent studies show that there are close the links between oral and general health. It is believed that gum disease is related to the medical conditions which include: cardiovascular problems, diabetes lung disease, and in some case even bowel cancer. That is just the tip of the iceberg. As more research is conducted the medical community is beginning to find emerging data that links oral health to Alzheimer’s as well. As these studies continue to shed light on importance of oral care and its impact on your overall health the dreaded trip to the dentist becomes even more important.
There are many optional dentists in Florence KY . Through the requirement of the Kentucky Board of Dentistry, you can rest assured that any dentist you choose will be qualified. There are dental plans available to you from companies rated by the Better Business Bureau, starting for as little as $7 a month. If you are not certain where to turn doing a simple search on the internet will give you many options for both a plan and a dentist. The important thing is to act now and start your journey to a brighter smile and a healthier mouth as this is always important to the users.