Best Abdominal Exercises

admin / September 29, 2017

So how do you choose the best abdominal exercises for you? The first thing is not picking just one single exercise. Research shows us that there is no ab exercise that will fully work all the abdominal muscles. There are three primary areas we’ll be concerned with: upper abs, lower abs and the obliques.

Upper and Lower Abs

The visible areas of your upper and lower abs are primarily composed of a muscle called the rectus abdominal. This muscle group is commonly referred to as the “six pack”. That description is inaccurate however, as the muscles are composed of 8 to 10 segments that provide the definition that we all want to eventually see. The rectus abdominals main function is to bend your torso forward, the same movement used in most ab crunches.

The Obliques

The obliques are the generic term for the external and internal oblique muscles. The two muscle groups are angled across your ab region in a criss-cross pattern. This helps them to minimize the waistline, flatten your stomach and reduce the appearance of love handles. The function of the obliques is to aid in twisting the torso and bending side to side. They also provide added back support, which is good for reducing your risk of injury.

Lesser Known Muscles

The upper/lower abs and the obliques are commonly known due to their marketability. Marketing ads and movies show off these muscles as much as possible to help sell their products. Weight loss marketers are no different. This doesn’t mean that those visible muscles are the only ab muscles worth worrying about. The transverse abdominal muscle is just as important as the rest of your abs.

Crunch Time

Using these exercises will not only help build up your stability, give you a slimmer torso and increase your back support strength but they will also add to boosting your basal metabolic rate, allowing you to burn more calories through the day. I’ve chosen these as the best abdominal exercises that focus on core training. This will help you achieve your at home weight loss goals, rather than focus on just pure aesthetics.

There are many more ab exercises and variations out there. Remember to mix your routine up occasionally. This avoids the common pitfall of hitting a plateau, where you keep doing the same exercises but stop seeing and feeling improvements. I urge you to try them all and incorporate them into your workouts as you progress with your at home weight loss plan.

The Best Abdominal Exercises:

Bicycle Crunch
Plank Exercise
Reverse Crunches
Transverse Abdominal Exercises